Elevate Soccer

Our youth soccer is an indoor league for kids ages 5 through 6th grade.  Our focus is skill development, teamwork & faith building. 


Practice Schedule

  • Practices will take place on Tuesday or Thursday night at FBCA
  • Kindergarten teams will NOT have a weekly practice
  • All practices are 50 minutes long plus a 10 minute devotion
  • Final practice schedules are not created until registration is closed


Game Schedule

  • All games take place on Saturdays at FBCA
  • Games run for 6 weeks
  • Kindergarten plays at 9am with all other ages to follow
  • Final game schedules are not created until registration is closed



  • The cost is $90/child and includes reversible jersey and socks
  • We also end the season with a fun awards night that the whole family is sure to enjoy!



  • Registration opens July 24, 2023 for our Fall season.



  • What is the goal of the league?

This is a low competitive and fun league that focuses on teaching the fundamentals to players of all skill levels.

  • Are the teams coed?

All of our soccer teams are coed.

  • Is there weekday practice?

All teams will have a weekday practice EXCEPT for Kindergarten.  Instead they will have an abbreviated practice & game time together on Saturday.

  • What equipment is needed?

Cost includes reversible jersey and socks to be worn at each game.  Shinguards are NOT provided, but are required. No cleats! This is an indoor league so only tennis shoes are allowed on the gym floor.

  • What spiritual content will be involved?

Kids will participate in a short weekly devotion at each practice


Basic Soccer Rules - All Levels

  • Teams play with 4 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper

It’s expected that most players will have a turn being goalkeeper

K is the only age level that won’t have a goalkeeper, but instead have all 5 players on the field.

  • Shin Guards are MANDATORY, but not provided by church
  • Substitutions happen on the Fly

Like Hockey

  • No Offsides
  • No Timeouts
  • Running clock each half
  • Games played in two 20min halves
  • Kindergarten plays cross-court while all older grades play full court
  • Referees will be used for 1st grade and up, with Kindergarten being refereed by coaches
  • No Goalkeeper Punts

Ball must stay below head height

  • No Slide Tackles

Players may not go to the ground to steal the ball

  • No Throw-ins from the sidelines

Ball will be placed on the ground and passed in from the spot of the out of bounds

  • During Free Kicks and Corners the opposing team must be 5 yards away from the ball
  • Each game will use a Futsal Ball

Futsal Balls are designed for skill development, it is a low bounce ball and smaller than an outdoor ball

  • Goal Size

4x6 goal for Kindergarten

3m x 2m for 1st grade and up

  • The Home team will begin the game with the ball

Visitors will begin the second half

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