About Our Partnership

Liberia is a country struggling to recover from two civil wars almost back to back finally ending in 2003. Roads and infrastructure are still lacking in many parts of the country. Villages are buried deep in the tropical forest, most of which are only accessible by foot. This is the mission field for a small band of pastors and evangelists with the Christian Revival Church Association led by Dennis Aggery and his wife Tania. CRCA is our main ministry partner in Liberia. 


About Our Partners

It is now our privilege to serve with these great ministry partners and be part of what God is doing in Liberia. We have translated 66 stories from God's Word into five different languages in Liberia and distributed these to pastors, church leaders, and believers. We have hosted medical clinics and met with hundreds who have little to no access to medical care in their area. We have trained local believers in evangelism. As we minister, God has been faithful to build His church and make disciples even in the midst of difficult circumstances. 

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