About Our Partnership

Our partnership in Germany began in 2022 when our partners answered God's call to serve as missionaries to the T-People in Germany, and became a First Arnold Sent Family.  While there are over 84 million T-People worldwide, Western Germany is home to the largest percentage of T-People outside of their homeland of origin, and our partners' home is located in an Intercultural city with a dense T-People population.  

While the T-People are predominantly Muslim, our partners are finding that the majority of them seem to be cultural Muslims as opposed to devout Muslims.  This cultural belief in Islam poses specific challenges when working to reach them with the gospel, making them considered one of the most difficult to reach people in the world.


About Our Partners

Our partners living in Western Germany have been working with a small team of believers to plant healthy churches that will specifically serve their people group, the T-People. God is working among the T-People worldwide, as only He is able to change their hearts, but our partners recognize that their work in Germany could be long and slow.  One of the ways they are working to reach their people group is by developing relationships within their community that will open doors to sharing the gospel.  First Arnold is excited to partner with them as they minister to the T-People in Western Germany!

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The next Germany trip is scheduled for September of 2024.

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