Summer Camps

One of the best things about summer is hanging out with friends, and here at First Arnold, one of our favorite ways to do that is at camp! Check out our upcoming camps this summer! 


First Kids CentriKid
July 21-23

Kids Camp will be for kiddos who have completed grades 3-5, and will take. place at Southwest Baptist University, in Bolivar, MO. 

This year's CentriKid theme is called: Beyond the Surface. What we see on the surface seems important - appearances, grades, and accomplishments - but God's word shows us that there is something that matters even more - something beyond the surface. God sees, knows, and cares about our hearts. He can give us a new heart for Him - a heart that is pure, humble, trusting, and merciful, and willing to obey and follow wherever He leads. 

Students who attend this camp will grow in their faith while making friendships and memories that will last a lifetime! 

Registration begins on April 9 and ends on July 5. Register soon because we have limited space! 

For more information about CentriKid Camp 2023, click here.




Segue CIY Mix
July 24-28

Our middle school ministry, 6-8th grade, headed to camp this summer at CIY Mix Camp hosted at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.  

MIX is a 4-day summer event built for middle school brains, hearts, and bodies. This year's camp theme is "Nevertheless". Being a Christian is so much more than just going to Church and trying hard to be good. Being a Christian means Jesus is totally in charge of our lives. The Bible even says we die, and Jesus lives in us! What does that mean for a junior high student? It means their thoughts, their habits, their belongings, their wildest dreams - everything about them - is no longer what they live for. Instead, they have Jesus living in them. When we live for ourselves, we get prideful, angry, scared, bored, and even plain mean, but when Jesus lives through us, we are filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and self-control. 

At Mix 2023 students will learn what it means to die to Christ but NEVERTHELESS have Him alive in us! 

Registration begins on April 9 and ends on July 16. Register soon because we have limited space! 

For more information about CIY Mix Camp 2023 click here.