About Our Partnership

Our partnership in Brazil began in 2018 when our partners answered God's call to serve as church planters in Brazil.  Their mission is to serve the poor and least-reached people of Brazil.  Although the people of Brazil are largely “reached” with the gospel of Jesus, Brazil is one of the last frontiers of uncontacted people in the world.  It’s hard to believe that today there still exist pockets of the world that have never been explored.  People exist in those pockets.

Our partners work with national believers in order to plant healthy churches.  They serve in rural, rustic regions with the hope of making disciples who will make more disciples as healthy churches are established to carry the Gospel unto the ends of the earth.

Churches and people in Brazil can be evangelized, discipled, trained and sent out to try to reach the people of their own native land.  God’s Word is powerful and God uses common, ordinary people to carry the message of salvation in His Son to the ends of the earth. We as a church body along with our missions partners desire to love, serve, share, disciple, raise up leaders, and plant healthy churches that will love God by obeying his command to go.


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