Elevate Coed Youth Volleyball

Registration deadline April 6th
Orientation / 1st practice April 6th
2nd Practice April 13th
Game 1 April 20th
Picture Day April 27th   Order Form
Last Game / Awards Party June 8th

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$60 for the first player. Two or more children per family? Only pay $50 for additional players


5th-6th grade begins each Monday night at 6:00pm for clinic style practice, then plays their matches after.

7th-12th grade begins each Monday night at 7:30pm for clinic style practice, then plays their matches after.

Orientation and Practice begins April 6th for 2 weeks, Games begin April 20th for 8 weeks.

· Please arrive early for games to warm up before playing

· Please enter through the front entrance and exit at the other end of the gym near the water fountain. This will help us avoid with conflicting traffic while matches are being played.

· Cheer loudly for both teams at every opportunity

· We’ll never berate or scold a player and we ask that parents do the same. We want a positive encouraging atmosphere for our players.

Dress Code:
Because we desire to honor our bodies and avoid being a stumbling block for others, attire must be modest. Please cover all spandex, keep shorts at mid-thigh or longer and cover the mid-torso. All shirts should have sleeves.

Elevate your God
Elevate your game

If I climb to the sky, You are there!       Psalms  139:8

Contact: danny.kelley@fbca.us
or call us at 636-296-7729 ext 163