Dorothy Dent Seminar
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February 5, 6 & 7, 2015 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) First Baptist Church Arnold is hosting a Still Life Design Seminar with Dorothy Dent. In this class you will learn basic composition, lighting, proper use of color and get plenty of one-on-one coaching from Dorothy as you work through your painting(s) with her assistance. Classes begin at 9 AM and end around 4:30 PM. The room will be open at 8 AM.

Canvases are available in a variety of sizes and are charged at our cost or you may bring your own canvas. Bring all of your normal painting supplies including paint. You may purchase paint from Trina if you decide to use a color you don’t currently have. During the seminar there will be Dorothy Dent paint brushes, packets and books for sale. Students should bring items with them that they would like to use in a Still Life Composition. Begin thinking about what you would bring – consider vases. baskets, jars, artificial flowers, plastic fruit, books, etc. Keep it fairly simple. Any attendees who are willing may share items as you lay out your paintings. You will be photographing your set up, printing a photo at First Baptist from an SD card and then you can work with this photo to trace your pattern and use it as a guide for shading and color placement.

This is the first time Dorothy has taught a class of this type, so come join us as we make history! The class size is limited to 10 to allow Dorothy adequate time with each individual student. The cost is $275 for the three days. This will include your meal each of the three days, printing of your photos and enlargements of your patterns. Dorothy Dent has authored over 35 sought after painting books. She has taught painting classes throughout the USA and in Argentina, Canada, and Japan. She currently teaches classes throughout the year all over the US and Canada. Yet, she is very humble and down to earth. You won't want to miss out on this opportunity to paint with such a well known artist!

Seating is limited to 10, so reserve your spot today. You may pay in full now, or make a deposit to hold your reservation. A deposit $75 is required to register for this seminar. Contact Trina Stephens with any questions at or 636-296-7729 ext. 148.