What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is taking personal responsibility for the care of God’s property or our financial blessings. As Christians, all things we possess are God’s and therefore, it is our responsibility to act in a biblical manner to assure the best use of what He has provided us.

Money is a subject that is discussed many times in the Bible, referred to over a 1,000 times in more than 2,500 verses. We see that Jesus discussed money in 16 of his 38 Parables, and in 10% of the Gospels. Our instructions are clearly to manage our finances wisely.

Most of us are confused and paralyzed with the overwhelming contradiction of information received on a daily basis for how to manage our money and assets.  With our busy schedules, we gather financial advice on the run primarily from secular sources and influences to guide our financial life which supports the need and the purpose for our stewardship team. 

We realize the challenge we as Christians face with the secular influences on our finances. It is an area where we seemingly cannot differentiate between what is secular or biblical. We are oftentimes focused on our finances as if our death is the end of our financial concerns and we miss the big picture of planning in perpetuity.
Our goal with the stewardship team is to help all church members become more educated on what their options are and provide professional guidance to fulfill a personal financial plan. Our goal is not to simply have you give more to the church but to create a life plan that benefits you, your family and The Church.
We realize that most Christians want to be good stewards; they just need help aside from secular sources to do so. With proper planning it becomes possible for your financial legacy to live indefinitely.