What is an Endowment?

One of the most wonderful blessings of being in the First Arnold family is being a part of something that is leaving a legacy which will impact generations to come—for eternity. The First Baptist Church Arnold Endowment is another tool by which we can make that legacy even more lasting. It provides you with options for planned, long-term giving that will provide for long-term, First Arnold-approved ministries—now and even beyond your lifetime.

The First Arnold Endowment is designed to be a complement, not a substitute, for our regular giving through tithes and offerings. It provides a means for continued stewardship beyond your lifetime. The Endowment can guide you in making long-range plans for giving through wills, trusts, and estates in ways that will benefit both you and First Baptist Church Arnold—today and tomorrow.

Providing options for planned giving, the First Baptist Church Arnold Endowment offers you tax-wise strategies for giving, enabling you to take a comprehensive approach to lifetime stewardship that was not previously available. When you give through the First Baptist Church Arnold Endowment, your gift will be directed by you and the First Baptist Church Arnold-approved ministries. This provides you with greater flexibility in determining how your gift will be used and ensures the prudent management of your gift for generations to come. For more information, call the Stewardship Development Team at 636-296-7729 ext 108.

Endowment Q and A

The Endowment is a legal arrangement surrounding an accumulation of funds which are designated for specified purposes. This legal arrangement outlines for us the manner in which the funds will be held as well as how they will be distributed. The Endowment Fund provides a means for living donors to make a present day gift or estate bequest in support of the future ministry of the church. The interest earned on all undesignated gifts will be used according to a strict formula set in the Fund’s Policy.

The underlining purpose for this arrangement is to support the future financial needs of our church, to allow for a perpetual source of funds to secure our vision for the future.   The Endowment Fund will help insure that the purpose laid out for these funds will be followed. A copy of the Endowment Fund Policy may be obtained on request.
Who will oversee the Fund and its activities?

  • A rotating Permanent Endowment Fund committee has been established to oversee the fund. 
  • A periodic audit of The Fund will be done by a third party. 
  • The committee is accountable to the church for the proper application of the income and capital appreciation. 

How will the money be invested?

The investment objective of The Fund is conservation of principal for the effective maintenance of purchasing power.

  • To produce regular income at a reasonable rate.
  • Growth of income and principal over and above that necessary to offset inflation.
  • Investment of The Funds assets will be made into institutions, companies, corporations or funds, which make a positive contribution toward the realization of The Funds goals. 

What will the funds be used for?
Having in mind that overly-detailed restrictions on purposes may be impractical to administer, Prospective donors shall be encouraged to add their gifts to the Fund permitting use of the income and capital appreciation for broadly defined programs of the Church including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Support of the Church’s ministries;
  • Support of the Church’s missions; and
  • Support of the Church’s facility development and renovation.

Additional categories may be established from time to time by the Committee, and accounts for more restricted purposes may be established by the Committee with the consent of the Church.
Will The Fund be used to contribute to the operating budget?

No. The Fund has been established to fund growth not everyday expenses.
What are the methods in which I can contribute to The Fund?

  • Cash, property, or securities
  • Life Insurance
  • Will bequests
  • Trust beneficiary designations
  • Charitable Gift Annuities
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Charitable Lead Trusts
  • Life Insurance Trust

Are my contributions tax deductible?
Yes. There are tax benefits available for you when using any of the methods of contributions set forth above.
Who do I contact to make a contribution?
The Stewardship Development Team at 636-296-7729 ext 108.
Are the contributions made anonymously?
If that is your wish. However, with permission, we do want to recognize families and individuals for their legacy