Worship: Performing Arts Academy

Welcome to the Performing Arts Academy at First Baptist Arnold!

The Academy exists as a formal instruction studio that mentors and disciplines the study of musical performance. We strive for quality by instilling musicianship and control through technique and professionalism. Our instructors are professional educators with specific qualifications in musical pedagogy and performance. Collectively, we have over 350 years of playing experience and 175 years of teaching experience! Not only is each instructor formally-educated, we also share the faith as biblical believers of Jesus Christ and aim to demonstrate the love of Jesus to our students. We offer lessons in the following disciplines:

× Voice
× Piano
× Organ
× Percussion
× Violin
× Cello
× Guitar (acoustic, electric, jazz, classical)
× Woodwind Instruments
× Brass Instruments
× Hammered Dulcimer

2015-2016 Schedule

Fall Semester

× September 14th – Semester Begins
× October 23rd – Mid-semester Enrollment Deadline
× November 23rd – 27th – Thanksgiving Break, No Lessons
× December 3rd – Fall Recital
× December 11th – Semester Ends
× December 14th – 18th – Lesson Make-Up Week

Spring Semester

× January 4th – Semester Begins
× March 4th – Mid-Semester Enrollment Deadline
× March 28th – April 1st – Spring Break, No Lessons
× May 5th – Spring Recital
× May 13th – Semester Ends
× May 16th – 20th – Lesson Make-Up Week

§ Standard Rate: $18 per lesson
         (Violin and Cello Rates Differ)
§ Fall Semester Cost: $216 (12 weeks)
§ Spring Semester Cost: $324 (18 weeks)

-Registration Closed-

Please contact Pastor Thomas for further information.

Pastor Thomas, Academy Director
636.296.2703 ext. 126
First Baptist Church Arnold
2012 Missouri State Rd


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