Worship: Performing Arts Academy
Our passion is to provide quality instruction in the arts with a Christian faculty, teaching in a positive Christ centered environment. We strive to prepare students for service, ministry and personal enjoyment through individual instruction in their desired field of study.

The PAA is a private lesson environment offering instruction during both days and evenings. Our Academy is staffed by Christian instructors who are qualified and competent in their individual areas of expertise.  Most importantly it is our desire that each student learns one of the most important lessons in fine arts: that we give back to Him who has given to us.


Piano, Guitar, Voice, Drums, Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion


Lessons are given in weekly 30 min. sessions via private instruction and are available to all ages. Lessons are scheduled through each instructor with days and times depending on the availability of instructors.  In addition to lessons, students will have an opportunity to participate in an annual joint recital highlighting various levels of skill.

Child Protection
All lessons will take place within the church facility and in rooms equipped with video surveillance for the protection of all parties.  In addition, background checks are performed on all instructors prior to their hire.

If a student needs to miss a lesson for any reason, a 24 notice must be given to the instructor.  Failure to do so will result in forfeiting a make-up lesson.  Each student has a maximum of two excused absences per semester and anything further will forfeit a make-up.

Weather Policy
In the event of inclement weather, lesson cancellation will be determined by each instructor.  Students will be informed directly by their instructor whether or not the lesson will need to cancelled and rescheduled.

Tuition is due in advance and is non-refundable. (emergency situations considered) 
There are two payment options: 
      1.) Pay in full at the beginning of each semester via cash/check/credit or
      2.) Pay monthly via automatic withdrawal. 
In addition, an annual registration fee of $25.00 per family is due prior to beginning lessons.
*All accounts must be current prior to beginning a new semester and fees are subject to change annually.


You may register at any point during semesters prior to mid-semester enrollment deadline.



You are committing to the full semester.  Should you discontinue attendance at any point during the semester, you understand that tuition will still be charged for remainder of semester. (emergency situations considered)

You are committing to make every effort to attend each lesson and if the need to miss a lesson arises, you agree to follow the absence policy.  You understand payment will still be collected with the option to make-up the lesson pending proper notice.

You are committing to practice at home.  Lessons will not be effective if you do not put time and effort into learning your instrument.

You are committing to the instruction rate of $16.00 for a 30 min. lesson.  Monthly and semester rates are listed relative to each semester length.

Registration Fee
You are committing to pay the annual registration fee of $25.00 per family that must be submitted prior to beginning instruction. (The annual year reflects the academy year – Fall, Spring, Summer)


You are committing to pay your tuition in advance via the two options provided and understand it is non-refundable. (emergency situations considered)


Fall Semester 2013
Sept. 2 – Dec. 13 (14 weeks)
Semester - $224
4 Monthly Payments - $56

Spring Semester 2014
Jan. 6 – May 16 (18 weeks)
Semester - $288
5 Monthly Payments - $57.60

Summer Semester 2014
June 2 – August 8 (8 weeks)
Semester - $128
3 Monthly Payments - $42.67

2013-2014 CALENDAR

September 2 Fall Semester Begins
October 25 Mid-Semester Reg. Deadline
November 25-29 Fall Break
December 13 Fall Semester Ends
December 16-20 Make-Up Week
January 6 Spring Semester Begins
March 21 Mid-Semester Reg. Deadline
April 7-11 Spring Break
April 24 Recital 1
April 29 Recital 2
May 16 Spring Semester Ends
May 19-23 Make-Up Week
June 2 Summer Semester Begins
June 27 Mid-Semester Reg. Deadline
August 8  Summer Semester Ends
August 11-15 Make-Up Week

Debbie Graham, PAA Director
636.296.7729 x-117

First Baptist Church Arnold
2012 Missouri State Rd.
Arnold, MO 63010
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