College & Career Events

College and Young Professionals Upcoming Events:


2015 College & Young Professional Events:

Feb. 3rd: REvive 6th Year

Feb. 20-22nd: Engage Leadership Conference

Mar. 14th: Ecclesia

Mar. 17th: REvive: Special Edition

Mar. 21st: E.G.G. Training

Mar. 22nd: Biscuits & Gravy in Community Groups

March 28th: E.G.G

Mar. 31st: REvive: Easter

Apr. 14th: REvive: Special Edition

Apr. 24th: Secret Church

May 3rd: Graduation Recognition

May 8th: Ultimate “Glow” Frisbee

May 16th: Ecclesia

June 2nd: Summer Nights Kick-Off

June 9th: Cardinals on the Big Screen after REvive

June 16th: Roller Skating after REvive

June 23rd: Swimming after REvive

June 26th: Cardinals Baseball Game

June 30th: Bowling after REvive

July 7th: Bonfire after REvive

July 21st: Volleyball after REvive

Aug. 29th: Ecclesia

Sept. 13th: Big Breakfast Sunday

Sept. 15th: REvive Fall Kick-Off

Sept. 18th: Screen on the Green

Sept. 23-27: Gospel Impact Celebration

Oct. 13th: REvive: Special Edition

Nov. 7th: Ecclesia & Bonfire

Nov. 24th: REvive Thanksgiving

Dec. 15th: REvive Christmas

December 18th: Winter Banquet