Single Adults Events

Melissa Lawrence 636-296-2703 Ext. 110
Pastor Brad Bean 636-296-2703 x144


5th - Ruth Brantley

6th - Sherry Giegerich

7th - Carol Moorhead

8th - Sondra Macom

11th - Linda White & Victoria Caloia

12th - Brad Bean & Christina Pfohl

13th - Bill Huighe

16th - Diana Polles

19th - Mary Brown

20th - Paula Dunham

26th - Kimmy Slusser

27th - Carrie Hankins

28th - Marnita Mills


April 11 - Picnic & Hiking at Lone Elk Park.
Meet by the church vans at 10:00 am, bring a sack lunch, blanket, etc.

April 24-26 - Singles Women’s Retreat in Branson.
$50 includes 2 nights and 5 meals. Other expenses: noon meal on Saturday and help with gas for carpooling. Leaving at various times Friday depending on who you ride with.

Come visit us in a Bible Fellowship Class.
We have several to choose from:

9:30 Classes:
Co-Ed - “Feeling Secure in a Troubled World” - Brad Bean, FLC 11

Ladies - The book of Acts - Jean Bean, FLC 103

Ladies - “Choosing Gratitude” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, FLC 07

11:00 Classes: FLC10

Co-Ed - “Feeling Secure in a Troubled World” - Brad Bean, FLC 07

Co-Ed - The book of Acts - Jean Bean, FLC 10