Single Adults Events

Melissa Lawrence 636-296-2703 Ext. 110
Pastor Brad Bean 636-296-2703 x144


1st - Elizabeth Riegert
3rd - Gary Miller
9th - Jill Chadbourne
10th - Cindy Embry
11th - Connie Fann
13th - Chris Rowe
15th - Tom Smith & Debra Trimble
20th - Jean Bean
24th - Gary Sherrill & Jennifer Christine Smith
25th - Gwen Stough & Amy Bayer
27th - Judi Conway
30th - Tim LaCroix


June 6 - Missouri Baptist Children’s Home Strawberry Festival here at FBCA.

If you would like to volunteer to help out this day please contact James Southwick at ext.149. There are many ways to serve!

June 21 - Happy Father’s Day!

June 26 - Join us at the Cardinals Baseball game to see our Worship Team sing the National Anthem!

Tickets are available from Debbie Graham in the Worship Suite (Room 109) or in the lobby on Sundays.

June 28 - Celebrate America!
Here at FBCA starting at 6:30pm—9:30pm with food vendors, rides, fireworks & more!

Come visit us in a Bible Fellowship Class.
We have several to choose from:

9:30 Classes:
Co-Ed - “Feeling Secure in a Troubled World” - Brad Bean, FLC 11

Ladies - The book of Acts - Jean Bean, FLC 103

Ladies - “Choosing Gratitude” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, FLC 07

11:00 Classes: FLC10

Co-Ed - “Feeling Secure in a Troubled World” - Brad Bean, FLC 07

Co-Ed - The book of Acts - Jean Bean, FLC 10