Single Adults Events

Jill Chadbourne 314-346-1608
Melissa Lawrence 636-296-2703 Ext. 110
Pastor Brad Bean 636-296-2703 x144

5th-Darcy Bean
6th-Denise Walsh
7th-Lori Carmody
8th-Glenda Garrett
9th-Candace Walls
12th-Ken Praul
16th-Amy Thompson
24th-Laurel Been & Thomas Keene
25th-Andrew Cords
27th-Christina Roth & Dave Smith
30th-Vicki Scheidle & Chris Sanner


Oct. 5th - No 6:30 pm service this evening. Please attend Monday night’s “Send” service, per below.

Oct. 6th - Send North America Event. This service is taking the place of the Sunday evening service on Oct. 5th. Doors open at 6:30, Event starts at 7:00 pm & ends at 9:00 pm. No Cost. Please register in advance at:

Oct. 18th - Singles Annual Bonfire at Glen’s house, 5876 Little Dutch Rd., Cedar Hill. Meet there at 6:00 pm. There will be a sign-up sheet in class for food. Bring a lawn chair.

October 18 - FREE Oil Change for single mothers & widows. Please contact Christian Brothers Automotive for more information, ask for Gary or Kevin at 636-282-2886 (2190 Church Rd., Arnold). Call ASAP

Oct. 26- Lord’s Supper during all 3 morning services.

Oct. 26- Trunk or Treat starts at 4:00 pm and will be in place of our Sunday evening service. This is a large outreach event with lots of opportunities to serve.

Come visit us in a Bible Fellowship Class. We have several to choose from:

9:30 Classes:
Co-Ed - The Gospel of John - Brad Bean,
                                                   FLC 11

Ladies - The book of Acts - Jean Bean,
                                                   FLC 103

Ladies - FLC 07

11:00 Classes: FLC10
Co-Ed - The Gospel of John - Brad Bean,
                                                    FLC 07 

Co-Ed - The book of Acts - Jean Bean,
                                                    FLC 10