Single Adults Events

Jill Chadbourne 314-346-1608
Melissa Lawrence 636-296-2703 Ext. 110
Pastor Brad Bean 636-296-2703 x144


4th-Sandy Defelice
8th-Phil Beaird & Judy Lee
12th-Janice Mulder
13th-Bill Atkinson
15th-Michael Cook & Joe Webbe
17th-Pam Quinn
19th-Sam Clark
28th-Sean Flaherty
31st-Joyce Kaste, Greg Bryan, Tara Tracy & Jewel Goldberg


January 1 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

January 7 - Wednesday Dinners start back up, choir kick-off, life classes and AWANAS.

January 4 - Lord’s Supper in the evening service.

January 17 - Bowling at Imperial Bowl at 6:00 pm. Contact person: Lyn Wilkerson

Upcoming in February

February 7 - Dinner at The Blue Owl
3:00 pm. Sign-up
Early to reserve your
spot as seating is
Limited! $7.00/ticket

Come visit us in a Bible Fellowship Class. We have several to choose from:

9:30 Classes:
Co-Ed - The Gospel of John - Brad Bean,
                                                   FLC 11

Ladies - The book of Acts - Jean Bean,
                                                   FLC 103

Ladies - FLC 07

11:00 Classes: FLC10
Co-Ed - The Gospel of John - Brad Bean,
                                                    FLC 07 

Co-Ed - The book of Acts - Jean Bean,
                                                    FLC 10