Welcome to Segue!

Segue exists to help these students develop and grow a faith of their own. We want to create a safe place for them to begin thinking about their faith. Not just as one they inherited from their parents, but one they understand and walk in everyday

Shane Kopsky: Student Ministry Associate

Lauren Hanning: Student Ministry Assistant
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When We Meet

Segue meets on Sunday mornings in the upper fellowship hall at 11:00 am and we end in the lower fellowship hall in small groups, which are divided by grade and gender. On Wednesday nights, we meet in the lower fellowship hall at 6:30 pm.


On Sundays, we will be teaching from the Gospel Project curriculum and meet in our small groups each week. This is a 3-year curriculum that walks through the Bible and looks at how everything from beginning to end points to Jesus and the cross.

On Wednesdays, we’ll look at foundational Biblical principles and discuss how they relate to the students everyday lives. Whether it’s their family relationships, social pressure they face at school, or struggling to find their place in the world, students will be challenged to find their identity in Jesus alone.

Upcoming Events

5 – Sunday Best
18Fun Night at Sports Fusion
29 – Glow Night
14-16IMPACT Weekend
23 – Sunday Best
4 – Toy Soldier Night 1 - Worship Night w/Synergy
4 - Egg
5 - Dodgball
15 - Theme Night 
June  July August
3 - Sunday Best
13 - Summer Kickoff
29 - Segue Friday Night 


Social Media

To keep up with students and meet them where they are at, Segue has a presence on multiple social media platforms. For the most up-to-date information on events and what is happening in Segue, check out our Facebook page and Instagram.

Parent Resources

  • Our desire is to come alongside and be a supplement to you as a parent in the spiritual growth of your student. We want to challenge your student to grow in their faith as well as provide you with resources to help you in the spiritual development of your student. Below are some resources that we think can be beneficial to you. If you have specific questions or are looking other resources, don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • Monthly Parents Update. Subscribe to receive this email and find out what we are teaching about on Sunday and Wednesdays, events that are coming up your student may have forgotten to give you the details about, as well as ways you can help serve in student ministry.

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